So off I go!

It’s time to head to the international Moor’s conference!

There are moors all over the world of various different types, sizes and shapes and once every few years various people interested in preserving these important and fascinating areas of the world get together to discuss how that can be achieved.

I’ve got it all sorted! I’ve sorted parking for Heathrow Airport and my tickets to a far, far away land (the location of which I have been asked not to disclose for a reason I don’t quite understand if I’m quite honest, but there we go) and I’ve packed my bags. So it’s all about to go off!

See, here is the thing: I’m not particularly madly keen about flying, When I get on a plane and the whole thing starts vibrating around you and you know that shortly you’re going to be thrown up into that sky and then once you are up there, you are so very much up there. You will be in a box in the sky that holds you inside it and stops you from plummeting to the ground in a ball of fire. Yes. ‘Plummeting to the ground in a ball of fire’ that’s basically the thing about flying that scares me if I’m honest yeah, yeah that sounds about right. Yeah I’m pretty sure it’s the whole ‘plummeting to the ground in a ball of fire’ thing. It’s a scary thought I would say. A very, really, rather, very, pretty scary thought.

Yeah, that doesn’t seem irrational to me at all…


It actually really seems quite rational to be scared of flying, because flying can kill you. I mean yeah, there are other things that could kill you more that we don’t fear. But I would say that that doesn’t make my fear irrational, it makes your lack of fear of other things irrational!

Fear people! Fear flying! Fear driving! Fear parking! There is a lot to fear!

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