Viewing The Moors

One of the main reasons we moved to the moors in the first place was because of the views. These views you wouldn’t believe. These views are some of the best in the world. It’s just such a beautiful place and we are surrounded by that beauty every day. To the North? Beautiful, stunning, breath taking views. To the east? Magical, life changing, mind boggling views. To the south? Nothing. Naaaaaaaa just kidding: We have some world changing awe-inspiring views down there to the south it’s really wonderful. And the west? Well, don’t even get me started on the west. I think I’d like to die looking out westward facing from our house, as it is the single most incredible site any human has ever witnessed. Heaven will be underwhelming after a death like that.

People often ask me: ‘Hey there! Sir! You there in the hat! Yes you I’m talking to you! What’s the best type of house to live in on the moors’. Well surprising loud person, some people would say that it is a caravan as you could pick yourself up and move around any time you want and you’re never limited only to one part of the place. And that is a pretty great idea. Other people say the best kind of house to live in on the moors would be a huge luxurious mansion, as the best type of house to live in anywhere would be a huge luxurious mansion and if you didn’t like it you could just sell it and be rich. Which is also true, though perhaps not in the spirit of the question.


Well I don’t know, but I can tell you this: My favourite part of my house is the conservatory. We recently got our┬áconservatory roof replaced which means that we can now see even more of the great outdoors and I’ve been spending a lot of time in there because of it. Getting the planning approved was a little tricky though!When your main asset is your views you want to be seeing those views as often as you possibly can. That’s the mission. So the best type of house to live in on the moors? I guess just a bloody big conservatory! A bloody glass house! A cave of windows! What do you think?!

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